Dating back in history to 1812, Hacienda Tenorio is one of the oldest and largest Hacienda in Costa Rica.

It is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica it is a working cattle ranch and consists of some 11,000 acres, 44 square kilometers. The Hacienda is bounded on the East and West by major rivers, has a water concession from the Government of 99,000,000 liters of water per day use for irrigation the entire year.

It is a unique Hacienda not only for its history, but its beautiful landscape, weather (cooler climate), water sources, topography, wildlife and its proximity to Liberia / International Airport (35 minutes), beaches, national parks and San Jose (2.5 hrs driving). This hacienda has a landing (about 1.5 kilometers in length), strip properly registered with Costa Rica Civil Aviation dating back to 1930’s during the banana exportation period (not in used).

Hacienda Tenorio is suitable for agriculture, cattle, tourism and real estate development, and it presents a magnificent . In the middle of the Hacienda is a major paved road with a frontage of 19 kilometers and it has public services.

The reforestation project contains around 2400 acres of Teak plus dry natural Tropical Forest. Also, improved pastures have been planted throughout the entire property to maximize cattle protein consumption .

Hacienda Tenorio offers every way to enjoy the best of Costa Rica. Not only it is a cattle working ranch, here you will find a place where you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, enjoy horseback riding along its pastures, contemplating the amazing views of the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanos and the nature around it. A place where every day brings a new experience and lasting memories.

The owner is retiring and desires to sell the entire operation (cattle, horses, machinery, etc). The employees and management will go with the sale, if desired. There are some 2,000 head of cattle, some 150 horses, tractors, bulldozers, two metal building, shop, diesel refilling station and related machinery.